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  • About Media Graphix

    Media Graphix was founded in 1993 as a commercial printing company. It has grown over the years and been molded to our clients needs to offer a wide range of services. Media Graphix can start with your ideas, photograph your products, design your marketing pieces, print, bind and mail all in one facility.
    This website has been custom built and coded based on the years of experience and listening to our clients' needs. We certainly welcome your feedback to constantly improve and add more features.

    Mission Statement

    At Media Graphix, we strive to be a leader in quality, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction for all your printing needs. Our services are performed by our highly trained staff using the latest equipment, purchasing leverage and advanced technologies, providing you and all of our clients with fair priced, unmatched service in this extremely competitive industry. We are committed to serving our clients as partners and molding ourselves to their needs, now and in the future.