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  • Troubleshooting FAQ

    Browser Used:
    This wesbsite has been tested and optimized for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0+ , AOL Explorer 1.5+ and Apple Safari. Please click on names to download free copy.
    Do I have correct version of Java installed and running on this computer?
    Security Settings:For proper function of this site, please ensure security settings in your Options/ Preferences are set to medium-high or lower. Privacy settings should be set to medium or lower.
    Pop-up Blocker:This site uses a limited number of pop-ups and avoids for the most part. Please right click on status bar at top to allow scripted page to view properly and click link again.
    Errors:Connection Time-out. Please click try again and it should resolve issue. If problem persists or other error messages please contact us for further assisstance.
    Order Status
    Why do I see Incomplete - Need Steps 2-4 next to my order status on my home page?
    Please select EDIT link next to your order and complete ALL 4 STEPS.
    What if the size I need is not listed?
    Please use next size up for proper pricing and shipping. e.g. For 9 x 16 brochure, select 11 x 17 from size menu.
    What is the Postage estimate based on?
    The postage is an estimate, calculated using default finish sizes and weights. For brochures, you can enter correct fold size to adjust the postal size, e.g. If you have a 6 x 27 inch brochure, this would fall under 9 x 25.5 pricing which has a default postal size of Flat(any piece below 6.125 x 11.5 inches with address running parallel to 11.5 side is considered a Letter, above that is considered a Flat). If you set your fold size to 6 x 9 (trifold), the site will adjust the postage size for Letters.
    If you wish to get an accurate pricing for the postage, please place order with inkjetting turned on and NO POSTAGE selected. After you upload your mailing list, we will run your list through our postal software and give you an accurate postage amount.
    What is the Promo Code?
    The promotional code is found on top of our your address on some mailers sent out by Media Graphix. It is serves as a temporary discount to our prices as a further incentive to using our ecommerce solution.
    Why do I get Error in address or service ?
    Check your zip code and state - if that is correct then Fedex does not offer the service for that zip code. Please select different method of shipping.
    What if I want to ship to billing address but attn different contact names ?
    Please add new address with alternate contact name. This will be saved for future re-use.
    Credit Card Payment
    Why do I get transaction result = failed ?
    The credit card transaction has been denied. Please check your credit card numbers and re-enter. If errors persist, this website will save the order, please contact MG customer service for alternate methods of payment.
    Artwork Upload
    Why do I just see a broken icon in the upload box?
    This usually means Java is not running on your system. Click on the Do I have java? link for downloading and installation. Please contact us for further assisstance.
    Why is my uploading so slow ?
    Please run a speed test on top of upload box. Check your upload speed -- for example if it detects 300 as your speed, divide by 8 and that gives you the speed in kilobytes/second -- 37.5. If you are uploading a 10 megabyte file, this should take (10 * 1024)/(37.5) = 273 seconds, 4.5 minutes to upload.
    What if my upload is interrupted?
    Please re-drag same files and folders and upload should resume where you left off.